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Display design – a personal view

12417627_960401584054569_2311552874435462471_nFirework displays are an art form. Like any painting, piece of music or theatre they’re subjective. One man’s meat is another man’s poison so the saying goes! I’ll often watch displays these days and many are truly technically brilliant. The single shots will hit the beats of the music and the shells will all burst on the crescendos. But both software and hardware advances make it easy to achieve that. Now, I don’t know about you but for me those types of shows come across as very robotic. Sure, it’s great to witness and the audience now expects to see that but when it happens all the way through a display and in every sequence I do feel that the display loses any passion as it seemingly goes through the motions. What I think many displays seem to lack at the moment is an element of feeling. That kind of leads me on to fireworks competitions. I recently saw this somewhere online and it kind of rang true for me – at the moment at least!

  • Finale fireworks
  • Finale fireworks bursting in the sky
  • Red fireworks cross over each other

Birthday boy!

On Saturday evening we were asked to provide a pyro-musical display for a surprise 30th Birthday in Berkshire. A cold, dry day led to an even colder dry evening and the guests were treated to a stunning display choreographed to specially chosen music. The still pictures above are the result of my first time out with a camera – not bad even if I do say so myself! You can watch a video of this display by clicking this link.