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Much more than just fireworks displays
Daylight fireworks display at Leeds Castle classical concert
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Fireworks Displays

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We undertake firework shows of all shapes, sizes, budgets and briefs – be it a corporate end of year bash, or a huge display at one of the nation’s favourite public venues on Bonfire Night. But whatever the event, we relish it all the same.

We’ve fired shows far and wide, and right on our doorstep, from Gibraltar, to Leeds Castle, Thorpe Park and Hampton Court. There’s no job too big, nor too small – as you’ll see below our private events also extend to wedding fireworks displays.

Have a look through our recent show portfolio for a flavour of what we can do – the same fireworks, the same kit and the same team come to every event and we completely design it from the ground up to suit you.

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Wedding Fireworks

Our wedding fireworks are second to none – quiet, discrete, or show-stopping musical surprises – we’ve done them all. 

A wedding firework display should be one of the most memorable elements of your wedding entertainment, but contacting a firework company and booking a firework display isn’t something that you do every day, so it’s all a bit of a mystery… You know exactly what type of car you’ve booked. You’ve chosen the menu for the wedding breakfast. Dresses and suits are fitted perfectly. But as for the fireworks for your wedding… you’ve got a couple of dodgy DVDs and maybe a brochure or two… and you’ll have to see what you get on the night… that doesn’t seem right, does it? So stop right there!

Crowd view of a professional fireworks display
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Close Proximity Pyro

It’s possible to actually get quite up close and personal with fireworks, if you know what you’re doing – creating an intimate, involved and uniquely satsifying closeness with your audience. They’ll feel like they’re inside the display instead of miles away from it.

Our stringent safety guidelines, routinely rigorous testing, and knowledge of the safest and finest quality products means that we can deliver an outstanding short range display with maximum impact.

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Alchemy Fireworks provides 2 types of lantern services. The first is a custom build service for large-scale lanterns to be built and operated by our team (often as part of a fire show, or sometimes as a centrepiece to a firework display). This could be as big as a 3m tall Santa for a Christmas event, or a series of smaller (mobile) fish and boat lanterns for parades and event decoration at a maritime festival or regatta.

The second lantern option is a professional lantern release: a beautiful, graceful and somewhat poignant effect. Such lantern releases have been traditional in many eastern cultures for thousands of years, but they suddenly thrust themselves upon the western consciousness when there were major lantern releases as part of the commemoration ceremonies for the Boxing Day Tsunami, 2004.

Illuminated paper lanterns launched into the night sky
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Lancework & Firerope

Lancework is arguably the grand-daddy of the custom firework set-piece. It is also sometimes known as Fire Writing or Fire Pictures, but don’t be fooled by the workaday name, in French these are known as allegories, and in reality they are hand-crafted works of art that blossom for a minute before they are gone. The majority of lancework designs vary in size from 6′ to 20′, although larger designs are possible and the final size of the piece will depend on the complexity of the design and the area over which it needs to be visible. Lancework can convey congratulations to a newly wed couple at a wedding fireworks display, a company logo for a corporate event, a huge, fiery flag flown from a cherry-picker for a national celebration, or just a simple Good Night raised on poles at the end of a Bonfire Night firework display. It’s up to you: let us know what you want to say to your audience, we’ll map out the design and tell you how much it will cost to create.

We prefer to use smokeless lances, especially on bigger designs when the same density of normal lances would otherwise obscure the over-all effect. That said, the range of colours is still greater in traditional lances, and because smokeless lances actually create a small flickering flame they are better for more intricate designs where the clarity of a static point of light is crucial. As you can tell there is often a case for combining both types to create the desired effect.

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Lights and Lasers

Whether it’s a simple line of parcans, animation of architecture with intelligent moving lights, or colour washes over breathtaking natural scenery – Alchemy Fireworks can help illuminate your event. Not only do we have access to state-of-the-art lighting equipment, and we also work with great lighting designers: talented people who not only know their job inside-out, but also understand the interplay of elements and the collaborative approach required to produce a successful project, whether it’s a multimedia son et lumiere at a theme park, a site specific fire and light installation for a street theatre festival, or simply some lighting to create a backdrop for a corporate or wedding firework display, Alchemy Fireworks can help!

Lasers are a very specialist area – and although we have worked alongside them on many occasions at special events both indoors and outdoors it is not Alchemy Fireworks’ area of expertise, nor would we pretend that it was! What we can tell you is that there’s a lot more to it than just 40W green YAG’s these days… we have worked most frequently with CMT, and can highly recommend their work: www.cmtevents.co.uk – but other laser companies are available.

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Including Choreographed to music shows, live video feeds, interactive live action actors, and projections.

A well-designed professional fireworks display can be a stand-alone spectacular, but fireworks and pyrotechnics also work really well when cleverly combined with other visual media to create a multimedia son et lumiere. Lighting, lasers, projections, dancing flames, confetti, dancing fountains, waterscreens, performers and musicians can all be employed to enhance and complement a firework display, especially for large scale and unique special events such as major international events, festivals, and unique corporate celebrations.

Adding extra elements and new effects is often a great way of moving an event forward, and keeping it fresh. In a world where entertainment audiences at public and private events are increasingly demanding it’s a great way of making sure that your event stays at the top of their list and the front of their minds. Even simply introducing lighting, lasers or a musical soundtrack to a traditional fireworks display can breathe new life into an event and get people talking. As well as researching and developing exciting new firework effects and sequences, we also make sure that we’re up to date with the latest developments in other associated visual effects, so we can suggest and incorporate ideas that benefit the event as a whole, not just the fireworks element.

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Confetti & Streamers

Confetti Cannons and Streamers are superb special effects, and a great way of creating a dramatic visual spectacular either as an addition or alternative to fireworks or pyrotechnics. They can often be used in areas where stage pyrotechnics and fireworks might be more difficult due to space restrictions or Health & Safety considerations.

A streamer launch is a dramatic and emphatic effect, ideal for stadium sports events with trophy presentations, or corporate awards ceremonies. In fact, confetti cannons and streamers work well at any daylight event, indoor or outdoor, where you need to create a stunning visual special effect but where pyrotechnics would be ineffective or unsafe. Confetti cannons and streamers can be fired in “hits” to give it a punchy, immediate feel, or alternatively confetti can be fired from continuous flow blasters to create large-scale clouds of colour which, depending on wind, weather (and gas canister size), can last for anywhere between a few seconds and a couple of minutes, and can fill an area the size of a conference suite, marquee or football stadium.

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Quiet Fireworks

Venues that host regular events – such as hotels, stately homes and country houses – are becoming increasingly conscious of the impact that their corporate functions and weddings have on the local environment, as well as the benefits of acting responsibly. Local residents, wildlife, cattle and pets are all important considerations for any venue, and nobody wants to be thought of as a bad neighbour. Noise is the most important part of this, and as a result Alchemy Fireworks has researched and developed material that can be used to create quieter firework displays, especially for use at event venues that host corporate events, private parties and weddings. We’re sensitive souls ourselves, and as much as we enjoy having our ribcages rattled by highly percussive firework displays, we also appreciate that there is a time and a place for everything. If you have young children and live near a wedding venue that had fireworks displays every weekend of the year then you’ll understand where we’re coming from.

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Flame Effects

Elemental. Powerful. Raw. Alchemy Fireworks can create spectacular, safe flame effects for your event. Although to the uninitiated this might seem like a niche area of pyrotechnics, there is still a veritable feast of flame options to suit all events, from street theatre installations to corporate events and weddings. Flame effects can be small-scale and indoor, eg on a concert hall or theatre stage; large scale and outdoor, such as sports stadiums and firework displays; and even close-proximity for town centre events such as street theatre events. However, don’t fear, we’ll be on hand to guide you through this fiery jungle with advice as to what you should consider, from propane flame projectors to dancing kerosene fuelled jets, pyrotechnic flame simulators to flame bar installations. We also provide “décor” flame effects, such as flambeaux, paraffin flame pots and wax torches, both of which look stunning when used to accentuate a venue’s features and lines, such as paths and riverbanks.