Wedding Fireworks

Imagine this for YOUR big day, even surprise your bride or groom...
  • Fireworks bursting in the skies above Mount Stuart on the Isle of Bute
  • Green shells bursting over a marquee in Scotland for a wedding fireworks display
  • Fans of roman candles behind Queens House in Greenwich at a professional firework display
  • A wedding couple watching their wedding firework display
  • The sky full of gold glittering fireworks at a wedding fireworks display
  • Wedding couple watching fireworks
  • Wedding couple watching their professional fireworks display at Leeds Castle
  • Couple hugging and silhouetted by gold stardust fireworks
  • Bright red fireworks bursting over a marquee on the Isle of Bute
  • Red and blue fireworks bursting in the skies above a marquee in Scotland

Wedding Fireworks

A wedding firework display should be one of the most memorable elements of your wedding entertainment, but contacting a firework company and booking a firework display isn’t something that you do every day, so it’s all a bit of a mystery… You know exactly what type of car you’ve booked. You’ve chosen the menu for the wedding breakfast. Dresses and suits are fitted perfectly. But as for the fireworks for your wedding… you’ve got a couple of dodgy DVDs and the choice of a bronze, silver, or gold option… and you’ll have to see what you get on the night… that doesn’t seem right, does it? So stop right there!

Why have an off-the-shelf firework display for your wedding when you can have a unique personalized wedding firework display? It’s no more expensive than a set wedding firework “package”, but you actually get some input into your wedding firework display, and excellent service from people who treat you and your display as importantly as a client booking a major festival firework or bonfire night display.

We want to meet you. We want to know what you like. What colours? What effects? How noisy? You like Gold Willow fireworks? No problem, we’ll make that the finale sequence then! It’s a surprise firework display for the Bride? Brilliant – we’ll set up discreetly where nobody can see us. Do you want the display choreographed to music? We can design your wedding firework display to a bespoke mix of the music that you love. The venue demands quiet fireworks? Easy! We’ve developed a range of quiet fireworks that are just as good as their noisier counterparts! Most people don’t book many firework displays during their life, so we’ll help you understand how it works and what the options are so that you can book an Alchemy Fireworks display for your wedding with total confidence that you’re getting what you want for your big day.

Alchemy is a service driven company that creates unique firework displays for weddings. We don’t do off-the-shelf packages. We don’t pigeon-hole you. You’re not a Bronze/Silver/Gold couple. And we don’t send out the trainees to fire your wedding firework display, because you’re spending a lot of money and you want to know that everything is going to be alright on the night. It will be the same people who design and fire Alchemy Fireworks displays at venues such as Thorpe Park and Leeds Castle.

Talk to us about what you want from your wedding fireworks display. We’ll come back to you with a proposal, recommendations and prices, and we can take it from there.


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