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Magical Maritime in Ipswich

Golden Fireworks exploding over the marina for Ipswich Maritime Festival fireworks display

Alchemy Fireworks were delighted to once again provide the explosive entertainment for the Ipswich Maritime Festival. As part of this year’s celebrations we were asked to provide a short display of daylight fireworks¬†consisting of noise effects such as screechers, whistles and reports and clouds of coloured smoke. We sourced some amazing new coloured smoke shells from our friends at Europla Pyrotechnics in Spain and along with these fired lifts of report shells and screecher candles. Daylight fireworks are not often seen in the UK and usually consist of coloured smoke effects, brightly coloured parachutes and a myriad of noise effects. Traditional fireworks don’t have a great deal of impact when fired in the daytime but daylight fireworks which are designed to have impact in bright sunlight really come into their own. They were certainly enjoyed by the crowds that had gathered at the Ipswich Maritime Festival. In the evening we produced a jaw-dropping choreographed display fired to a mix of recent chart hits. Fired from a disused part of the marina we can really create something spectacular. It’s a wonderful event to be a part of and the cheers from the audience at the end of the festival fireworks show topped off two extremely enjoyable displays. The beautiful photos are courtesy of Dee Cannavan. Dee is one of our firers and has just successfully completed her degree in photography. You can check out Dee’s facebook page here.