The Isle Of Bute

Wedding Ceremony Celebrations @ Mount Stuart, Isle of Bute, Scotland
  • Fireworks bursting in the skies above Mount Stuart on the Isle of Bute
  • Gold and silver firework trails above a marquee in Scotland
  • Big red fireworks burst above silver fireworks behind a marquee in Scotland
  • Bright red fireworks bursting over a marquee on the Isle of Bute
  • Red and blue fireworks bursting in the skies above a marquee in Scotland
  • Silver trails and red bursting fireworks above a marquee in Scotland
  • Green shells bursting over a marquee in Scotland for a wedding fireworks display
  • Green shells bursting over a marquee in Scotland for a wedding fireworks display

The Isle Of Bute

One of the best things about this job is that you go to some amazing places that otherwise you probably would never go to – and the Isle of Bute is one of the places. Absolutely stunning scenery all around and this display was fired at Mount Stuart – an astounding Victorian Gothic mansion.

There were the obligatory hoops that we needed to go through to get the fireworks onto the island. But with an amount of preparatory work done at HQ before we arrived, the ferry company knew to expect us and we had all the paperwork in hand ready for the crossing. Of course, fireworks couldn’t go on the normal passenger ferry. Instead, a further two hour drive from the passenger ferry terminal around the beautiful Scottish coastline took us to the terminal that could accept dangerous goods. A short 5 minute crossing and we were safe and sound on the Isle of Bute.

We had allowed a day for the crossing and a day for rigging the display. The day of the crossing was warm and bright but the forecast for the day of the display was, you guessed it, heavy rain. To be fair, the rain did hold off until much later in the day once we had the show rigged and fully waterproofed. And it did only rain for an hour (Met Office got it wrong again!). The skies cleared for the display and the wedding guests were treated to an awesome spectacle, beautifully choreographed to a Scottish themed mix of music – well, what else?!

Here’s the video featuring DRONE FOOTAGE, what do you think?

And here’s the rest:



Drone footage captured from aerial vantage-point!



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