RHS Gala Preview Fireworks 2015

25th Anniversary Event @ Hampton Court Palace

RHS Gala Preview Fireworks 2015

We love working with the events team at RHS. We’ve known them for many years and always produce a great show for them. But for their 25th year at Hampton Court they wanted something different – something special. What could we do that hadn’t been done before – something that people would remember? Just under a year before the display we met to discuss potential ideas and it was at this meeting that I came up with the idea of producing a big ‘25’ in the sky using single shot roman candles. Of course, they fell in love with the idea. All I needed to do was make it happen! As luck would have it I knew of someone that had produced a 5,4,3,2,1 countdown. A few calls later and we had ourselves a ‘25’!

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On the day we were blessed with warm sunshine and calm conditions. The display fired beautifully and there was an audible gasp from the audience when the first ‘25’ went up. In hindsight, I am so pleased that we did it twice so that those who missed it the first time got to witness it on its second firing.


Red, Orange and White reflected

I have been asked many times since how we did it. The answer? Great product, perfect spacing and positioning of the material, clever technology and some blood, sweat and tears! Was it worth it?

Take a look at the video and see for yourself…




One great big number '25' magically appearing in the air, with well-timed firing. This is advanced level stuff...



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