Madonna’s Birthday

Private Party @ A Secret location, South of France.
  • Fireworks from a barge for Madonna's birthday
  • Fireworks display for Madonna's birthday
  • Gold finale fireworks for Madonna's 50th birthday fireworks display

Madonna’s Birthday

It’s not every day that we get to produce a fireworks display for one of the world’s most famous celebs so we weren’t going to turn down the opportunity – even with only 3 weeks to organise it! The South of France was the location for this extravaganza and the firing site was a barge moored in the Mediterranean sea just of the coast. Designed and fired to a pre-recorded mix of Madonna’s favourite tracks (none of which were her own creations) we used wireless technology to fire the display remotely from a safety boat outside the exclusion area.



Key Feature

International celebrity event for Madonna's birthday - fired wirelessly from a barge on water.



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