Great North Run 2014

Millionth Runner Special Event @ The Gateshead Millennium Bridge, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Great North Run 2014

The Great North Run Millionth Runner celebrations in September 2014. A moment that Alchemy Fireworks can be proud of. It was a mammoth task – both physically and logistically. The brief: to fire from 8 separate locations PLUS a moving vessel on the River Tyne AND an 18 metre tall figure of a running woman ablaze as she runs along the river! Errrmmm, OK!

Our runner had fully functioning legs of fire to carry her through the finish line under the bridge!

10 guys and 4 days later we had the show rigged. Tyne Bridge (including both turrets), Millennium Bridge (both sides), the car park behind the Sage, the swing bridge and it’s platform, a 400m wide frontage along the road that runs in front of the Sage as well as the running woman and a river going vessel were laden with fireworks and ready to fire. The entire performance lasted an hour and Alchemy Fireworks would produce fireworks and special effects at key moments throughout that hour all choreographed to composer Dan Jones’ stunning music especially written for the ceremony. The finale was the 18m tall flaming runner heading towards the Tyne Bridge with sweeps of single shot comets beckoning her towards the finish line. It really was an amazing sight and one that we will never forget.

The River, The River, The River’s on Fire!

I have been asked many times since how we did it. The answer? Great product, perfect spacing and positioning of the material, clever technology and some blood, sweat and tears! Was it worth it?

Take a look at the video and see for yourself…




This one has it all - a pyrotechnic mechanical 18 metre runner lighting up the river, fireworks off the bridge and down the river, and glorious musical choreography.



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