How to Choose a Fireworks Company for your Display

How to Choose a Fireworks Company for your Display

If you’re planning a large fireworks display, it’s usually in aid of an important event. Whether you want a display for your upcoming wedding or you’re organising a large public display, you need to know that everything will be safe and go according you your plans. Many fireworks companies will ensure your event goes exactly to plan and stays safe at all times, but one or two companies may not do everything you need them to, to enjoy your event. Here’s everything you need to know to choose a fireworks company who are going to make your event a success.


Safety certificates and credentials

Fireworks companies are around explosives all day, so they should understand just how essential it is to set up a safe display. All fireworks companies and all their staff need to be tested and certified, as well as being regularly re-tested to ensure their knowledge and experience is up to date. One of the first things you should always ask a fireworks company is if you can see their safety credentials and certification.

All the Alchemy Fireworks team undergo regular training, testing and regular training to remain qualified and our head designer is BPA Level 2 qualified, the UK’s highest firework industry qualification.


They’ll be interested in your event and want to talk about your ideas

Any fireworks company you’ll want to work with will be passionate about talking through your ideas. You may know exactly what you want or that you simply want a fireworks display. Most fireworks companies will take into account your budget and timeframe, showing you lots of options and talking about the various ways they’ll be able to achieve want.

Not only should there be online galleries on their website, they should be more than happy to show you their portfolios of previous displays. If you visit their Facebook, Twitter and other social media pages, you should see plenty of positive reviews on their safety, high standard of work and excellent customer service.


They’ll build on your ideas to present you with initial plans and designs

After speaking to your fireworks company, they should get to work, planning the fundamental and basic aspects of your display. This should include how long your firework display will go on for, the types of fireworks used, the colours of the fireworks, music and any climactic point.

Once these fundamentals are decided, you and the fireworks company can discuss the finer points of the display, adding visual depth that’ll transform your evening from good to great!

You will be spending hard-earned money and precious time on organising this fireworks display, so you need to know your fireworks company is as committed to making the night as magnificent as it possibly can be. At Alchemy Fireworks, for example, we love nothing more than helping our customers’ dream fireworks display come to life and we’ll go the extra mile to find a solution to any issue.


A good fireworks company has immense attention to detail

We all know the phrase ‘the devil is in the detail’, and it’s no different when it comes to designing a fireworks display. Once you’ve agreed upon the initial design for your fireworks display, your fireworks company should then start looking at the finer points of the fireworks display and how they’ll achieve your display. This includes determining the shape and size of the fireworks to be used, the timing of lighting each firework and even hand-crafting bespoke lance-work sculptures if necessary.

We at Alchemy Fireworks believe in leaving nothing to chance, instead we use our skills, knowledge and experience to hand pick every firework and device, and work out the perfect moment to use them for a perfect display.


 Look for a fireworks company that utilises cutting edge technology for an unforgettable experience

Fireworks companies should want to offer the very best experience and service to all their customers, and constantly look for ways to build upon their processes to increase customer and viewer satisfaction. By constantly looking to improve their displays, fireworks companies will put all their effort into ensuring your event is a success.

We do this by always taking lots of videos, photographs and notes of all our displays, allowing us to perfectly sync displays with pieces of music, organise increasingly larger displays and develop the brightest fireworks for daytime use. Alchemy Fireworks even uses drone footage to constantly improve what we can offer.

The team at Alchemy Fireworks often uses pre-visualisation software so you can see exactly how your display will look on the night, including with any music or pyrotechnics. Pre-visualisation technology is so good because it gives us the perfect way to time and monitor your actual display and you can be confident that everything will look exactly as you want it to.


What to expect on the day

All of this preparation should mean that your fireworks company arrives early on in the day to organise your display with plenty of time. Expect to see lots of cables and fuses as all the fireworks, are set up and mounted to their frames. A good fireworks company will test all connections and run at least two dummy runs to ensure that everything is set up safely and correctly.


There’s nothing we love more than helping you to pull off a fireworks display everyone will be talking about for weeks afterwards! For more information about how the team at Alchemy Fireworks will work with you to develop a mind-blowing fireworks display for your event, don’t hesitate to call us on +44 (0)8000 66 58 37 or send us a message online.